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    Pure Vegetarian
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    Where Cooking is our Passion and relishing our cuisine is your desire.
    Like the saying goes…

    “Surat nu jaman ane Kashi nu maran”

              Which means…

    only the ‘fortunate’ eat in Surat

                                     and die in Kashi …..

    Specialists in… Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian, Indo Chinese, Mexican and many more mouth watering original and fusion cuisine from around the world.

    Our Journey so far….

    Surti Foods was established in 1995, from sheer passion for cooking Vegetarian World Cuisine. From my own kitchen to where we are now, we still cherish the dedication it took to recreate some of the oldest and most difficult of recipes, with attention to detail and sourcing out the finest original fresh vegetables, without losing the authentic cooking methods from our homelands of Surat in Gujarat, India…

    This passion and dedication took Surti Foods from strength to strength. The love of cooking and entertaining at home gained rapid popularity amongst friends, family and colleagues. Requests to cook something special for their functions became enjoyable and I saw that I was enjoying this more to my day job. Very soon, my passion became my Business.

    Our business came to life…

    We gave ourselves a name and Surti Foods was born. As the years passed, my passion was fuelled and I accelerated my culinary flair to another level by catering for larger functions, and becoming famous for authentic original Surti style of cooking. With guaranteed high standards and consistency in quality and freshness, we rapidly grew in popularity, especially amongst professionals and the younger generations who required quick accessible home style cooking, alongside an assurance of premium quality and healthy balanced ingredients.

    Surti Foods Ethics and Principle

    ” The delicious Food I cook for my Customers is the same food I take home for my Family, We all eat the same healthy, well balanced Freshly cooked home style cuisine. “


    We only serve our customers  the best. Our staff are highly trained and follow strict hygiene and quality assurance. Approved and commended by Food standards Agency.

    For over 20 years, our evocative menus and flavours of our personalised handmade cuisine have entertained thousands of guests at venues all over the country. We are well known for our excellent customer service, as we go beyond requirements to ensure your event catering runs smoothly and memories are created with cuisine and service par excellence.

    How can we achieve this level of satisfaction?

    We treat your function as our own. This is the difference between a business built from a passion and a business created just for profits.

    With this ethos you can rest assure, that all is in best hands.

    We pride ourselves to have catered for the best customers any business could hope for and in return we have been rewarded by their referrals, loyalty and lifelong return business. Our Customers are now very good friends who commend and support us in every stage of our growth.

    Our food speaks for us, when you taste Surti Foods cuisine, you will taste the difference, because when food is made with love, there is a difference. A difference in flavour, that leaves yours, your families and your guests taste buds satisfied like no other… And that’s our promise.

    If it’s the Finest Pure Vegetarian Cuisine you are looking for… You have found the right people.

    ” We Look Forward To Creating Delicious Memories At Your Next Event… “


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